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Feature packed reseller accounts in the UK and USA. All accounts come with free WHMCS/Blesta, Let's Encrypt SSLs, free end user support and much much more.
Reseller 1 WHS
$ 9 /mo
Reseller 2 WHS
$ 23 /mo
Reseller 3 WHS
$ 27 /mo
Reseller 4 WHS
$ 35 /mo

NVMe Storage - 2X Faster Than SSD WebServer

NVMe SSD's are 900% FASTER than Traditional SATA Drives and 200% FASTER than latest SSD Drives. Sure SSD's are fast but V-NAND NVMe SSD’s takes things to a Whole new LEVEL!

Powerful LiteSpeed SSD Webserver

Offers up to 300% faster website Loading Speeds than with Apache which makes servers to run stable even with traffic spikes or DDoS attacks. It's the Best Commercial Web Server Today!

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is an all-in-one WordPress acceleration plugin, featuring an exclusive server-level cache and a collection of optimization features including Image Optimization for super fast WordPress Loading Speeds.

CageFS Hack Protection

CageFS detects and prevents a wide array of potential attacks, including those that are privilege escalation in nature as well as those targeting disclosure of information. Note that this protection is very transparent to your clients, and requires no change of scripts. With CageFS Even though users are caged, user would not feel that they are access is restricted. CageFS cage script execution is done by Apache, LiteSpeed, Cronjobs, SSH etc.

Spam FREE Cloud based Email

How about 100% SPAM FREE CLOUD BASED EMAIL? Through the Mailchannel’s Cloud Corporate Mail server will see you get rid of IP blacklisting and subsequently, prevent spamming and other compromises to client email accounts. At the core of this email service provision is the use of artificial intelligence to determine the message sender and track the behavior of the sender for effective detection and limiting of spamming activities. Also, through its ResponseAnalyticsTM technology, the system understands and interprets receivers’ rejection messages, thus identifying and isolating compromised accounts and improving deliverability of emails.

Responsive Drag & Drop Website Builder

Differentiate your hosting service from the rest by Providing our easy to use responsive website builder to your customers. WebHostSeba offers unlimited Site Builder software, making your clients happier with higher profits and it comes absolutely FREE! We offer RvSite Builder.

Attracta SEO Tools

We offer the Powerful Attracta Toolset free with our reseller plans. It comes with many SEO features such as Content optimization, Link Blast, Tiered Link Building, Guest Posting, Article Posting, Press Release, Article Distributing and more. Attracta is a award-winning SEO Tool that have helped thousands of small businesses improve their search engine ranking and drive more traffic to their sites.

Automated, Self Service Jet Backups

JetBackup's self service functionality allows resellers to restore your client account within seconds or you can even have them restore files them self from cPanel. When your clients have speed and ease-of-use it is a win-win for both you and your clients. Give your customers the self-service backup and restore functionality they deserve!

FREE Domain Reseller Account

WebHostSeba offers one of the Lowest Priced Domain Reseller Accounts FREE with Reseller Plans. Our $6.95/Year domain reseller account offers the most cheapest domain prices in the industry. With our Plugin to Configure your Domain Reseller with WHMCS Billing Software you can Instantly Start Selling Domains to your customers at an affordable price. The domain reseller accounts are completely white labeled and can be fully branded to your company name.

Reseller Hosting with Free WHMCS License

Our reseller hosting with WHMCS is an all-in-one webhosting client management, billing & support solution for for web hosts. It can Fully Automate Your Hosting Business by automating everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful hosting automation tool that puts you firmly in control. WHMCS reseller hosting allows easy management of your clients, automatic billing, automatic account creation, and much more. WebHostSeba offers FREE WHMCS LICENSE with every reseller plan. Sign Up for any of our reseller web hosting plans and Get WHMCS Billing Software absolutely FREE

Your Own Dedicated IP

You are getting your very own dedicated IP free with all Reseller 4 WHS plans. Having a dedicated IP is good search engine optimization and well as stay abuse free unlike on shared IP’s. You can also have your own SSL certificate installed by us on the free IP that we provide.

End-User Support + LIVE Sale Chat

End user support allows you to outsource your support requirements to us for FREE. Our Technical Staff will answer your customer queries 24x7 and all under your brand. WebHostSeba Technical Support to appears as your own staff and answer with a signature designated by you. Inaction to end user support our MCW users get 24/7 Live Sales Chat as well. Our Live Agents are branded under your company name will assist your clients with sales questions.